Shaïdy Business at the Union

HackOx can reveal that proceedings with last term’s Union election may not have – shock – been as squeaky-clean as they first appeared. On November 26th, the day before the election, the Saïd Business School sent out an email to students, encouraging them to vote for Stephan Jensen, an SBS student and candidate for Secretary’s Committee, as well as “a broader set of candidates[…]who have indicated particular interest in working closely with us.”

This indication of interest comes as a result of “recent conversations with the Oxford Union’s candidates.” HackOx will refrain from speculating on what may or may not have been said in these conversations.

union sbs trib 1 blanked emailsunion sbs trib 2

Union Rule 33.a.i.20 states that “making use of the University’s Nexus email system for the purposes of soliciting votes for or against a candidate, or for drawing attention to the Election” constitutes electoral malpractice. And whilst the SBS is a part of the University, its email addresses are not part of the University’s Nexus system.

However, there are whisperings that there was a movement from some members of last term’s committee to carry out a tribunal as a result of this email (which, incidentally, reached over 400 people). This did not ever come to fruition because, the rumours allege, those at the top of the Union hierarchy didn’t really fancy the hassle.

HackOx can but wonder at how other members of the Union might feel about the possibility of special privileges for SBS members because the Union’s committees couldn’t be bothered with a tribunal…


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