The VERSA lady’s not for resigning

Having overseen a storm of peerless vac content this Christmas, HackOx can fully understand VERSA editor Kate Bickerton’s decision to re-employ herself as VERSA editor – a move which has no precedent at the publication and has resulted in a smattering of resignations.

HackOx understands that ‘strategy continuity’ was the justification for her decision, although according to our sources VERSA has released less content on her and Jake Hufurt’s watch than under previous editors, whilst leaving several writers disillusioned.

She has also failed to make progress on VERSA’s goal to monetise – not that she needs it, after bagging herself ‘$$$’ over at the Daily Mail for information on whom cabinet ministers might have been shagging thirty years ago.

We hope she pursues a cabinet career with the Green Party so that someone can dig up this gem in a couple of decades’ time: “I find liberation in being held down, spanked, spat on, slapped in the face and fucked so hard I can feel it the next day.”

We now know why she chose to write for the Daily Mail.


3 thoughts on “The VERSA lady’s not for resigning

  1. Lucy

    well, doesn’t this come across as a petty, personal attack by someone who can’t actually write well? congrats on being even more shit than Versa.


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