Oxford UKIP in outfarageous recruitment error

In one of the party’s rare moments of PR mismanagement, at the start of the Christmas vacation a UKIP recruitment email was sent en masse to certain members of the University. Its goal appeared to be the establishment of an Oxford UKIP society.

The email, however, committed the unfortunate mistake of failing to blind carbon-copy its recipients – with the consequence that all those on the fledgling mailing list, apparently hand-picked as potential ‘Kippers, could see all other recipients.

screenshot 1.png

screenshot 2.jpgscreenshot 3.jpgscreenshot 4

‘Get out of my DMs UKIP’ is possibly our favourite response yet to the Purple Peril. HackOx also enjoyed the Comic Sans.

The sender, Elizabeth Robbins, studies History at Lincoln (and last term met her icon at the Union).

Included on the list is Omar Rana, the Oxford Forum’s Head of Speakers, who is rumoured to be ‘close personal friends’ with renowned historian David Irving. Also included is Rob Harris, the Oxford Union president-elect; Oliver Shore, former OUCA whip; and finally a prominent member of the OUCA white-tie brigade, who allegedly has a fondness for toasting ‘BNOC Powell’…

HackOx wishes OxKIP the best: perhaps their next email will be spared the Junck(er) folder.


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