Jihadi Jack: Oxford’s homegrown ISIS soldier

It has emerged that a resident of Oxford and participant in the Oxford University Islamic Society has, for the last two years, been located in Syria fighting for Islamic State.

Connected to several unnamed student members of the University, it is believed that Jack Letts (who has since adopted an Islamic name) has already been made known to MI5 by his father. Letts allegedly converted to Islam several years before leaving Oxford.

After his conversion, Letts set up an alternative Facebook profile, which has since been removed by the company. He retains a minimal online presence under his birth name.

Letts’ current profile picture

Letts is believed to have attended Cherwell School, which in 2012 obtained Academy status. He is a member of Oxford Muslim Network, and ‘likes’ Oxford University Islamic Society on Facebook. Oxford ISoc are known for being one of the few non-sport societies to host gender-segregated social events, as seen on their website:


Both are held on Friday evenings.

Whilst there is no suggestion that either ISoc or the Oxford Muslim Network had a role in Letts’ radicalisation, what is known is that the process happened during his time in Oxford, and was sufficient motive for his flying to Syria to join ISIS.

Profile picture notwithstanding, Letts’ Facebook profile is not unusual. Below are some of his ‘likes’:

“I Was Born To Travel”. Evidently.

Jack Letts and ISIS have been contacted for comment.


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