It’s me that you need (in your manifesto)

Manifesto scrutiny for last term’s Union elections seemed so simple. Henna Dattani, running for Secretary, claimed to have bagged Sir Elton John as a speaker. During questioning by the ROs, Union President Charlie Vaughan confirmed that this was the case, and spoke effusively of Henna’s central role in securing this big name. No objections were raised, and her manifesto was accepted.

Imagine, then, Henna’s surprise when, later that same day, Rob Harris claimed that it was he who had done most to ensure Sir Elton’s appearance, and his rep strongly insisted that Henna’s claim was false. More confusingly yet, when recalled for his testimony, Charlie Vaughan changed his tune: to the frustration and eventually fury of the ROs, he now insisted that Henna’s role had been minimal – the real credit belonged to Rob.

Although Henna’s claim was eventually upheld, the arguments reportedly lasted well into the night. But what had provoked such a u-turn from the Union elite? HackOx surely doesn’t think it had anything to do with them learning that Henna would be contesting their chosen candidate for the presidency…


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