Rhode rage: Oriel JCR condemns the governing body

The students of Oriel College met this week and they were not happy. After the recent discovery of a secret governing body meeting, the JCR (and everyone else) found out that the “listening exercise” was at an end and that Rhodes will not be falling. The students are understandably a little bit hacked off. The agenda for their JCR meeting offered two motions to condemn the governing body, and another to condemn the leaking of the decision to the Daily Telegraph, as well as a sizzling motion about water bottles, and a controversial call to stop buying newspapers. Incidentally, if you’re from the Telegraph and you’re reading this, drop us a line next time you like HackOx content. HackOx noticed.

The first motion condemned the Governing Body for “failing to listen to the voices of students” and “revoking the opportunity that was promised to students in the six month listening exercise”. Minutes from the meeting show that at least one individual felt that the students had been “sidelined”. The Governing Body got away with it this time though, as in the end the JCR voted to not vote on this motion, worried about what it would achieve, and what it would look like if the press found out (oh no…).

Next up came a motion to condemn the College “for failing to inform the JCR President that an unscheduled Governing Body meeting took place”. You know it’s a bad sign when you need a Telegraph leak to inform you about a meeting you should have been invited to. This didn’t just involve wounded pride, and one member raised the point that the College may have broken the law in not informing their Student Union about this meeting. Intriguing… This motion passed with a whopping 56 votes in favour, and only 17 against. Take that Oriel!

Finally, the third motion was to condemn “the gross breach of trust that led to The Telegraph acquiring and publishing Governing Body papers”. After lengthy debate, it was decided that this wouldn’t achieve anything and the motion was crushed. 6 in favour, 45 against.

HackOx wishes Oriel JCR the best of luck in their struggles. After all, it looks like their relations with the College Governing Body are on a rocky rhode to nowhere…


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