Union Treasurer Lachs accounts, membership figures

It has been drawn to HackOx’s attention that current Union big dog and presidential aspirant Noah Lachs has been found lacking in one of his duties, specifically that of the membership drive. Many treasurers view this as a great opportunity, and never pass up on the chance to harangue the crowd at hustings about how successful their membership drive was. Unfortunately, it seems that Noah wouldn’t need an ark to fit all this term’s new members, and could probably do so with a small fishing boat. Indeed, one Union insider described it as “the worst membership drive in history”.

Presumably, this would make quite an impact on the Union accounts. And these should be easy to come by, given the Union’s Rule 63, which states “(a) All termly and annual budgets and accounts, and all previous years’ Audited Accounts shall be kept in a file in the General Office for the inspection of Members during office hours with no prior appointment.” It goes on to say that “(b) All income and expenditure records will be available for inspection by any member by appointment with the President within ten working days.”

But rumour has it that the Treasurer and his good friend President Stuart Webber are concealing this from the members, and that the records from Michaelmas – the term in question – are not being made public, putting the President in breach of the Union’s own rules. This isn’t the first time such a travesty has happened. An investigation 6 years ago revealed The Union holding back receipts of officers’ expenses. Could that be it? Or is it embarrassingly low income from new members? Either way: this isn’t very accountable.

HackOx wonders what the Union elite could possibly have to hide. As ever, we are forced to ask: cui bono?

Cui bono, Noah?


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