Oxford University and Oriel revealed to fund Rhodes Must Fall

Through extended, fascinating scouring of OUSU minutes, HackOx can divulge that Oxford University Student Union has been directly funding Rhodes Must Fall.

OUSU’s Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality (CRAE), recently mired in controversy over anti-Semitism and anti-miscegenation statements from its co-chair, has “heavily depleted” its budget due to spending on Rhodes Must Fall initatives.

CRAE, of course, is funded to the tune of several hundred pounds per year by OUSU itself – which, in turn, is funded by a grant from the University, which is funded by contributions from all constituent Colleges…including Oriel.

And there’s more: not only have OUSU been spending the University’s grant on RMF, but in 7th week of MT’15, debated the possibility of increasing CRAE’s budget by one third to compensate for the RMF expenditure.

OUSU have not yet released the minutes from that meeting. HackOx politely proffers the suggestion that they do so.