OULC Co-Chair quits in anti-Semitism scandal

Alexander Chalmers, Co-Chair of Oxford University Labour Club (OULC), this evening resigned his post in protest at what he called ‘poisonous’ attitudes to Jewish students within OULC. His statement, published on Facebook, is shown below:

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 21.png

HackOx understands that the shock resignation came in the wake of an OULC meeting, in which a motion supporting ‘Israeli Apartheid Week‘ was carried. The project, according to its website, aims to “raise awareness about Israel’s ongoing settler-colonial project and apartheid policies over the Palestinian people”.

IAW also supports the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement, whose advocates demand a boycotting of all Israel-made goods, along with individuals (including academics, public figures, and professionals) who come from Israel. The movement has been widely criticised for effectively demanding a boycott of Israeli Jews.

Neither Chalmers’ critics nor his co-chair have yet publicly responded to his resignation.


Green peace? Not in the King’s Arms

The Green Party, of all the UK’s political parties, is the one most associated with peace and tranquillity. This, however, was not the case in the Oxford Student Greens’ final Trinity Term meeting in 2015.

A quick glance over their minutes from that meeting reveal that the young activists incited the rage of the KA barman by refusing to leave when asked.  The minutes reveal that after being told that they “have to leave the pub”, the Greens remained to discuss further issues until the barman became “angry that [they] didn’t leave when [he] told them to.” The minutes close on this rather pointed note. Not very communitarian.

Perhaps, we submit, this was this a revolutionary and rebellious act against the monarchical oppression found in the name of one of Oxford’s favourite drinking establishments.

Screenshot 2016-01-07 at 20.12.33

Whilst HackOx would simply love to be able to bring you more news of what is surely Oxford’s most serious political scandal in recent times, we unfortunately can’t; although the Oxford Student Greens’ website states that “The Revolution Will Be Minuted”, there are no minutes more recent than those from the first week of Michaelmas 2015.

HackOx can only assume that either the student group has disbanded, or that The Revolution Will Only Be Minuted So Long As We Can Be Bothered, thereafter continue behind closed doors whilst the rest of the world goes about their daily lives.

We can but wonder what other dirty secrets lying in the missing minutes of the Oxford Student Green Party…

Oxford UKIP in outfarageous recruitment error

In one of the party’s rare moments of PR mismanagement, at the start of the Christmas vacation a UKIP recruitment email was sent en masse to certain members of the University. Its goal appeared to be the establishment of an Oxford UKIP society.

The email, however, committed the unfortunate mistake of failing to blind carbon-copy its recipients – with the consequence that all those on the fledgling mailing list, apparently hand-picked as potential ‘Kippers, could see all other recipients.

screenshot 1.png

screenshot 2.jpgscreenshot 3.jpgscreenshot 4

‘Get out of my DMs UKIP’ is possibly our favourite response yet to the Purple Peril. HackOx also enjoyed the Comic Sans.

The sender, Elizabeth Robbins, studies History at Lincoln (and last term met her icon at the Union).

Included on the list is Omar Rana, the Oxford Forum’s Head of Speakers, who is rumoured to be ‘close personal friends’ with renowned historian David Irving. Also included is Rob Harris, the Oxford Union president-elect; Oliver Shore, former OUCA whip; and finally a prominent member of the OUCA white-tie brigade, who allegedly has a fondness for toasting ‘BNOC Powell’…

HackOx wishes OxKIP the best: perhaps their next email will be spared the Junck(er) folder.

‘Nonce-hunter’ OULC hack shopped for bullying

A five-times-defeated candidate for the Oxford University Labour Club executive, Max Shanly has recently made a name for himself by bullying young Labour party members. Now (finally) on the executive committee of Young Labour, Shanly had somehow managed to evade his dubious past…until someone published a large cache of damning messages on the internet.

Shanly’s reputation in Oxford derives largely from his penchant for denouncing political enemies as “nonces” on social media. Indeed, the groundwork for his current career was laid in his years at Ruskin: during his time there, Shanly was allegedly disciplined for anti-Semitic bullying,   which included harrassing a ‘Zionist’ (read: Jewish) girl.

HackOx is sure that just the same stringent procedures will be applied in Momentum…

Shame, resign: OUCA presidential race plagued by Viceroy vicissitude

In news that will surprise nobody, rumours abound that a certain Presidential candidate within Oxford University Conservative Association has committed the cardinal sin of joining the Viceroys’ dining society – an all-male group with a penchant for colonialism and (quite literally) throwing money at problems.

Jan Nedvídek, outgoing President, explicitly prohibited all OUCA officers from membership of such societies at the start of his tenure. The rumours specify Shane Finn’s role as ‘India’: commander and commandeer of the group. Which is a less than diplomatic move, given that ‘India’ is exactly where said candidate’s girlfriend, Srishti Suresh, has roots. Shamey shame shame.

But who cares for rumours? Not HackOx: they all happen to be false. But their spread has had interesting effects. Finn, after a plague of welfare crises and relationship breakdowns – Suresh is in fact believed to have suffered severe health problems – is finished and has withdrawn his candidacy. No office, no glory, no slate.

The real scandal, HackOx can divulge, is that his sole rival for President Wojciech Woznicki propagated these rumours on at least one occasion. Did he, perhaps, even initiate them? Perhaps in a bid to undermine his opponent, particularly to naïve freshers?

We’ll leave that one to your imagination…

Your faithful servant,