‘Nonce-hunter’ OULC hack shopped for bullying

A five-times-defeated candidate for the Oxford University Labour Club executive, Max Shanly has recently made a name for himself by bullying young Labour party members. Now (finally) on the executive committee of Young Labour, Shanly had somehow managed to evade his dubious past…until someone published a large cache of damning messages on the internet.

Shanly’s reputation in Oxford derives largely from his penchant for denouncing political enemies as “nonces” on social media. Indeed, the groundwork for his current career was laid in his years at Ruskin: during his time there, Shanly was allegedly disciplined for anti-Semitic bullying,   which included harrassing a ‘Zionist’ (read: Jewish) girl.

HackOx is sure that just the same stringent procedures will be applied in Momentum…


The VERSA lady’s not for resigning

Having overseen a storm of peerless vac content this Christmas, HackOx can fully understand VERSA editor Kate Bickerton’s decision to re-employ herself as VERSA editor – a move which has no precedent at the publication and has resulted in a smattering of resignations.

HackOx understands that ‘strategy continuity’ was the justification for her decision, although according to our sources VERSA has released less content on her and Jake Hufurt’s watch than under previous editors, whilst leaving several writers disillusioned.

She has also failed to make progress on VERSA’s goal to monetise – not that she needs it, after bagging herself ‘$$$’ over at the Daily Mail for information on whom cabinet ministers might have been shagging thirty years ago.

We hope she pursues a cabinet career with the Green Party so that someone can dig up this gem in a couple of decades’ time: “I find liberation in being held down, spanked, spat on, slapped in the face and fucked so hard I can feel it the next day.”

We now know why she chose to write for the Daily Mail.

Mansfield cat pronounced dead

In distressing news confirmed only two days ago, Mansfield College cat has been declared dead.

The cat, christened Roger Bacon, went missing over the vac. Shortly after New Year’s Eve, the following poster appeared in locations around Oxford:

cat poster.jpg

It was this evening determined that the cat run over was the same dear Roger who prowled the quad of Mansfield.

Below is a picture of Roger when he was alive.

Roger (right)

A Facebook page devoted to Roger has recently been flooded with messages from well-wishers.

Requiescat in pace.

Correction: an earlier version of this article wrote that Roger prowled the ‘quads’ of Mansfield. The sentence has since been adjusted.

Shame, resign: OUCA presidential race plagued by Viceroy vicissitude

In news that will surprise nobody, rumours abound that a certain Presidential candidate within Oxford University Conservative Association has committed the cardinal sin of joining the Viceroys’ dining society – an all-male group with a penchant for colonialism and (quite literally) throwing money at problems.

Jan Nedvídek, outgoing President, explicitly prohibited all OUCA officers from membership of such societies at the start of his tenure. The rumours specify Shane Finn’s role as ‘India’: commander and commandeer of the group. Which is a less than diplomatic move, given that ‘India’ is exactly where said candidate’s girlfriend, Srishti Suresh, has roots. Shamey shame shame.

But who cares for rumours? Not HackOx: they all happen to be false. But their spread has had interesting effects. Finn, after a plague of welfare crises and relationship breakdowns – Suresh is in fact believed to have suffered severe health problems – is finished and has withdrawn his candidacy. No office, no glory, no slate.

The real scandal, HackOx can divulge, is that his sole rival for President Wojciech Woznicki propagated these rumours on at least one occasion. Did he, perhaps, even initiate them? Perhaps in a bid to undermine his opponent, particularly to naïve freshers?

We’ll leave that one to your imagination…

Your faithful servant,


Oxford University and Oriel revealed to fund Rhodes Must Fall

Through extended, fascinating scouring of OUSU minutes, HackOx can divulge that Oxford University Student Union has been directly funding Rhodes Must Fall.

OUSU’s Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality (CRAE), recently mired in controversy over anti-Semitism and anti-miscegenation statements from its co-chair, has “heavily depleted” its budget due to spending on Rhodes Must Fall initatives.

CRAE, of course, is funded to the tune of several hundred pounds per year by OUSU itself – which, in turn, is funded by a grant from the University, which is funded by contributions from all constituent Colleges…including Oriel.

And there’s more: not only have OUSU been spending the University’s grant on RMF, but in 7th week of MT’15, debated the possibility of increasing CRAE’s budget by one third to compensate for the RMF expenditure.

OUSU have not yet released the minutes from that meeting. HackOx politely proffers the suggestion that they do so.

Shaïdy Business at the Union

HackOx can reveal that proceedings with last term’s Union election may not have – shock – been as squeaky-clean as they first appeared. On November 26th, the day before the election, the Saïd Business School sent out an email to students, encouraging them to vote for Stephan Jensen, an SBS student and candidate for Secretary’s Committee, as well as “a broader set of candidates[…]who have indicated particular interest in working closely with us.”

This indication of interest comes as a result of “recent conversations with the Oxford Union’s candidates.” HackOx will refrain from speculating on what may or may not have been said in these conversations.

union sbs trib 1 blanked emailsunion sbs trib 2

Union Rule 33.a.i.20 states that “making use of the University’s Nexus email system for the purposes of soliciting votes for or against a candidate, or for drawing attention to the Election” constitutes electoral malpractice. And whilst the SBS is a part of the University, its email addresses are not part of the University’s Nexus system.

However, there are whisperings that there was a movement from some members of last term’s committee to carry out a tribunal as a result of this email (which, incidentally, reached over 400 people). This did not ever come to fruition because, the rumours allege, those at the top of the Union hierarchy didn’t really fancy the hassle.

HackOx can but wonder at how other members of the Union might feel about the possibility of special privileges for SBS members because the Union’s committees couldn’t be bothered with a tribunal…